Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Tuesday 30Jan

On Tuesday, Bob and Wendy helped both Standard VI classes with their math lessons. The topic was was word problems involving percents: "On a test with 40 questions, Maude gets 34 answers correct. What percentage of the answers did she get correct?" The students actually did better answering this question than they did answering the "gift" question: "If Maude answered 100% of the questions on the test correctly, how many questions did she answer correctly?"

A highlight of the day was a visit from Valdimir, a student that St. Luke's had sponsored through high school. Valdimir graduated from San Pedro High School last June, and is now taking courses from the junior college on Ambergris Caye. Well done Valdimir!

Valdimir's new interest (at least new to us) is cooking. In a few years, a St. Luke's team might find ourselves enjoying a meal at Valdimir's restaurant.

Walking back to the hotel from Holy Cross can also be interesting. Here are some boys from the Catholic school swinging on the palm frond after school.

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