Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wrapup and addendum

This will be our final post from the February 2015 trip, reporting that we all made it back safely to snowy North Carolina. For visual confirmation of this, here are a pair of before and after photos - before and after our trip back home:

There's also an addendum to the blog: Bob's visit on Sunday to meet Ariany's family. Ariany is the 2014 Holy Cross graduate that Bob and Mary Jane are sponsoring for four years of high school on Ambergris Caye. Bob first caught up with Ariany one day after school, as he was walking back to the hostel and Ariany and two of her friends were leaving high school - that's Ariany standing right in front of Bob.

Then on Sunday, our last full day on Ambergris Caye, Bob met Ariany in the park and she took him back into San Mateo to see her home and meet her family. It was great meeting Ariany's parents and her three younger siblings (plus one cousin who showed up jsut for the photo shoot) and seeing their home.

Unless some other members of the team find that they have photos from the trip they want to share on the blog, this will be our last post from 2015. Look for new posts from the 2016 team starting right around February 1, 2016.