Thursday, January 27, 2011

Belize Team 2011 About Ready for Takeoff!

The excitement is mounting! After Commissioning at the Annual Meeting, the Belize Team members began packing their bags, continued planning for the medical mission and dreamed of warm weather! The following folks will be heading to Belize this year....

Team 1 (Jan 28-Feb 5) -Bob Moore, Jan Lamb, Ted Triebel, Jim Hooker, Joanne Hooker, Jean Willard and John Willard.

Team 2 (Feb 4-Feb 12) - Joyce Avery, Kathy Arnold, Bob and Ginny Atwell, Scott Chapman, Beth Haynes, Peter Jacobi, Clara Murray, Lynn Patterson, Jim Short, Jean Willard and John Willard.

Thursday afternoon found Johnson Hall jumping as team members sorted and packed donated items for the teachers, students and community near Holy Cross Anglican School. Thanks to everyone who made the donations that filled the dozen suitcases!

Items were sorted by category and then packed. There were lots of nice surprises and the teachers and students will be delighted with the new supplies and books as well as all the medical supplies on their way!

Why won't this lock??
Pushed down on that suitcase a little too hard...
a little less pressure and it worked great!!

Every suitcase got weighed - 45# maximum.
No Friday morning surprises!

Team 1 takes off Friday morning at 7:00 am. We'll fly to Miami and then onto Belize. We'll be picked up by our friend Phillip and he will take us to the water taxi where we will board the boat and take a nice 90 minute ride to Ambergris Caye and Ruby's Hotel.

We hope you will follow our adventures on this blog! We'll add things as often as possible to keep you up with our adventures! This is your trip too!

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