Saturday, January 26, 2019

We have arrived and left off our donations

After an uneventful trip down (kudos to RTP TSA for their professionalism, speed, and friendliness), our week 1 team arrived in San Pedro. After settling into our new hotel and the mandatory trip to DandE's, we called it a day for Thursday.

Our major activity for Friday was delivering the first round of donations to Holy Cross. In addition to the two laptops - one from St. Luke's and one from St. Michael's - we left off three suitcases full of donations that Peggy collected at her school, Pleasant Union Elementary School.

Nancy and Dan with suitcase #1 contents

Closeup of the message from Pleasant Union to Holy Cross

Suitcase #2 contents

Mr. Aaron is thrilled with the 100+ flash drives from suitcase #2

Dan with the contents of suitcase #3, including several nice backpacks

Everyone at Holy Cross who saw us unloading these donations was overwhelmed by the generosity of the donors at Pleasant Union and by Peggy's organization and hard work making it happen. Thanks to all.

After one more day of relaxation, team 1 will hit the ground running at the school on Monday morning. Look for more blog posts then, including a newcomer's perspective from our one rookie team member Dan.

- Bob


Elizabeth Witherspoon said...

So glad you arrived safely! Wonderful photos and news. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. Rest well and all best wishes!

Bobbie H. said...

Thankful for your safe travel to Belize and for the work you are doing there. You all were in our prayers during the Annual Meeting today, keeping you close while you're away.

Unknown said...

Fantastic! Mr. Aaron does such great work with the students there. I'm happy they'll have flash drives to keep track of their work. And it looks like Dan is really settling in there. :) We gave a shout out to y'all during our Facebook Livestream this morning. Have a wonderful week.