Saturday, January 31, 2009

2009 Belize Mission Trips Begin

Team One 2009 has arrived safely in San Pedro. Arrival went smoothly in a Belize sort of way. Only one bag left behind in Phil's bus, but it is due to arrive by water taxi this afternoon. Barb Harris and Holly Hodges were able to sync up seamlessly from the Team One feeder cities of Philadelphia and Dallas (Holly being clever enough to arrive on the plane that continued on to Belize, so she knew her luggage would make it). Unlike years past, we were able to catch the 1:30 water taxi so, although a smaller boat than usual, had the advantage of not having to fight 136 school children for seats (if they would just attend Holy Cross Anglican School, they wouldn't have to make this trip)!

We thus arrived in San Pedro in plenty of time to relax before heading out to our first team dinner at Jambel (jerk fish = very good!). Caution to Team Next: water taxi no longer docks at the Tackle Box, but farther up the beach, so you will need to use taxis to shuttle your luggage. We've all settled into Ruby's just fine. We had a short time of reflection before dinner, then topped the evening off with a little ice cream and an early bed time as all had been up since before 4 in the morning. Terrie and Van met with the school's social worker, Kim, and she is eager for help with the children on a variety of real-life issues and dilemmas they face every day. There will be plenty to do!

Awoke Saturday to rain and cool weather so people are reading, wandering the town and "resting up" for the work ahead. Provided I do this right, you will see a photo of some of our group reading and chatting on Ruby's covered deck. If you would like to contact a team member, you can send an email to as I will check this address each time I update the blog.

We will have a worship service and more relaxation time tomorrow before beginning work at the school on Monday. Include us and, more importantly, the children of Holy Cross in your prayers!


T. Clare said...

Hi Girl, How are you doing? I hope you are enjoying walking on the beach. Excellent work you guys are doing. God Bless you. Grace

Hey Marie! So jealous of what you're doing right now! So good to see you in the tunnel the other week. You look absolutely great. Keep on enjoying everything! We sure miss you. Steph Eubanks

Hey Marie,

I hope all is well!! We really really miss you! The PACU will never be the same! Love, Carmon

Hey Marie,
Sounds like you guys are working hard! I've enjoyed keeping up with things on the blog. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to hear all about it when you return.
Love, Sista Liz

Hi Marie, hope you are having fun besides work. Miss you bunches and see you when you get back. Chow Kelly

T. Clare said...

Yo! Marie! Jim Temo, your Uganda travelmate, here. The Winter Tour of Mulago Hospital just got back yesterday. I did not go this time but will wait for Summer. How have you been? I miss having someone to pick on. Hurry back! Tembo