Monday, June 21, 2010

Belize youth pilgrims are home: watch for trip reflection posts this week

The Belize youth pilgrims had a smooth journey home and arrived at RDU airport shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Sunday night. We were tired but truly invigorated by all that we experienced. Thanks be to God!

So much happened on the last three days of our pilgrimage. Friday was a wonderful day at the school followed by some reflection time on the beach. Saturday we arrived back in Belize City (after a slight engine malfunction on the water taxi) and got to join with a Belize youth group from All Saints Anglican Church for their meeting that afternoon. We celebrated with dinner at the Bird's Isle restaurant (where we had lunch the very first day). That evening, each pilgrim received a wooden cross made from pine timbers salvaged from St. John's Cathedral in Belize City. Sunday morning we went to church at St. John's and got a blessing from Bishop Wright before boarding the airplane for home.

I have invited the youth pilgrims to make individual posts summarizing their thoughts and experiences of the final days and the trip as a whole. I hope you will continue to visit the blog over the next week or so to check out what they have to say.


Keith: Last days In Belize.
We went to a youth group meeting in Belize City at All Saints Church. It was fun meeting with kids our age in a different country. That night we went to that Restaurant by the sea, which was really good (double beef bacon cheese burger). Sunday we woke up early to go to Belize Cathedral. Unfortunately we didn't get that memo that the church was starting an hour later. We went back later and had a good time at the service, which was really different. Flew home after that and got to Miami. Had dinner there. Then it was time to come back to RDU and go home.

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