Friday, June 25, 2010

Elizabeth: The Last Days

From Friday forward was such a whirlwind experience and I can't believe it's already over! Friday was full of little children running around and saying goodbye to us. It is so nice to be appreciated like that. Saturday started with a bang...literally. Well I guess it was more of a bump than a bang, but our water taxi hit something in the water, probably a rock, and so we were slightly delayed coming into Belize City. Once we got there, we made the hike to the Diocesan House. It was a nice house, with only so many fans, but we survived. Later that afternoon, we met up with a Belize youth group. That was really interesting. Just talking to them and participating in their normal weekly meeting was really cool. We brought back some neat ideas. Sunday at the cathedral was interesting as well. We left early ONLY two hours into the service. During the service, we were called up to hold hands in a circle in the middle of the church with the bishop and the church sang the traveler's song. That was so sweet. I wish my birthday was during that week because they sung Happy Birthday to some folks. It was also really cute that all or most of the elderly ladies in the church wore fancy or elegant church hats. Coming back to the United States was so comforting and relieving. Even though I wasn't even in our home state, it was nice to feel at home in the Miami airport (after customs, of course.) I am so glad that I was able to go through this experience and I am especially glad that I got to experience this with the group I was with. I am so grateful to everyone on this trip because it was fantastic and each person made it great. =)

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