Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 2: Holy Cross :)

Elizabeth: Today was full of hard work. On the bright side, I was able to read with some pretty awesome Standard I kids which was a lot of fun. I also scrubbed a wall all morning. Maggie and I helped Joe drill holes in a window. I also enjoying playing with the kids in time-out.

Maggie: This morning I woke up to my first breath-taking sunrise! (I couldn't bring my self to wake up early until today) All of this morning I scrubbed a very dirty wall. I felt very accomplished to see all the dirt wash off with the water! I got to read with some very cute kids, and I used a power drill with Elizabeth to drill a window into the wall!

Naomi: Jessica, Keith and I started painting today. Jessica and I painted a wall on the outer office building of the school. At first, it wasn't too hard, but then as we got further along the wall, we got to the swamp, which made painting hard. It was fun.

Jessica: I did a little of everything today, which was great. I got to scrub the walls with everyone, work with the kids a little, and Naomi and I began painting. Working with the kids is my favorite part of working here.

Keith: Today I was scrubbing and I fell through and off the ladder. Worked with the kids and played soccer with the kids which was pretty fun. Then I read to the kids the same stories we read yesterday :(. Then I painted the area by the air condition. Paint dosent come off =/

Abby: Throughout the day I scrubbed buildings, read to kids, gave a 5 year old boy his exam, and folded pamphlets. But the one thing that made my day was the little girl coloring this morning who looked up at me and said "I like the way you smile". It was adorable:)

Sally: Today I gave a math exam to a 5-year-old girl, scrubbed walls, and read stories with some Standard I girls. Highlight was when Elizabeth and I were invited to play "Telephone" with some kids who, we later found out, were supposed to be serving out a time-out sentence. Oops!

Harris: I started out today by waking up to the sunrise. Then we went to the bakery and came to the school. I scrubbed walls and read with the Infant I and Infant II classes. I have made myself quite a few new friends. And I found a conch shell!!!

Joe and Amy and Jan Lamb: Reminding us to drink water, wear sunscreen, and look for holy surprises, and do your best.

Tonight we head to Jan Lamb's house for supper. Tomorrow, another day at Holy Cross and snorkeling in the afternoon and a cooking lesson with Mr. Kenny...Belize style!

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blooey58979 said...

Hi Amy,
What glorious scenery! Sounds like you guys are accomplishing so much, which will be remembered. Praying for the group and the ones you touch.