Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thursday February 20, 2014

Thursday   February 20, 2014

We awoke to another beautiful day here in Belize. It's warm, but we seem to have Somebody watching over us and keeping those breezes blowing. This has probably been the nicest consistent weather we've had down here in a while.

Thursday is Chapel day at Holy Cross School. Stephanie was able to help out with the different age groups during the morning. The younger children were so sweet to watch as they tried be still and attentive to the leaders. They bowed their heads and folded their hands to pray and waved their arms with the motions to songs. Stephanie started to tell them the story of the Prodigal Son, but they called out to her with the things that they remembered about the parable. Such a blessing to be able watch these little ones learning about God in such a joyful manner.

Stephanie awaits the children for Chapel

Arriving for Chapel

Miss Diane leading the kids in prayer

Little hands in prayer

Miss Witty leads a song
Encouraging the motions to song with the little ones
The kids love to sing along
Stephanie begins her lesson
Stephanie listens to the childrens' responses

Timothy helped out in the kitchen again and then headed to a class room to assist the teacher. Pam also worked in her classroom and helped take that group to chapel. Poor Joyce has been working on getting some of the medical records and other files up to date and in order. She said that data entry is definitely not her thing. Ginny continued working on her history project after losing much of her work. Mr. Aaron has been out so Mike has been the master of the computer lab! When Mr. Aaron is not here the lab door is locked so students and teachers can't access the lab. We have been trained to always use the main door to lab and not to use the door by the office, important rule. Well, with the main door locked, we had to change direction and use the office side door. Lots of confusion since everyone wasn't here when the new directions were given out. It's very hard for us to learn new ways of doing things around here so there were a lot of extra steps as everyone tried to remember which door was open and which was not!
Timothy in the kitchen, again

Our master of the computer lab

The bike shop was busy again today. The guys have needed a lot of different parts for these Belizean bikes. Many trips have been made to the hardware store. Thank goodness that we have had a golf cart to get back and forth and thank goodness that Peter was able to obtain a bridge pass for us from the Mayor's office. I finally got a picture of the little boy with the "new, used bike" and one of him with his heroes.

The "New Used Bike"
The proud owner of the bike and his best buds

Dr. Jim and his group headed out again early this morning. John, Kristen and Sandra accompanied him today. Glenda, the Health Care Worker, took them to see some newborns and other children who needed checks. They also stopped in to see some people who had diabetic issues. In the afternoon, Kristen and Dr. Jim took care of more of the students at Holy Cross.
Dr. Jim checks a patient

Kristen checked blood sugars

Last night was our free dinner night and so we did some socializing on the porch before we all went in different directions. Some wanted a quick meal, so they could get to the bar to watch the basketball game!


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