Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wednesday at Holy Cross

Wednesday was much like Tuesday.  Everyone was busy doing many things in many different places.  Math, language arts and religion lessons were taught in several standards.  More heights and weights were collected.  More benches were built, sanded and installed.  The data entry and system updates continue in the computer lab.  Dinner was at a traditional favorite place, Elvi's, followed cream.  We have more photos to share with you, many with the children.

North Carolina friends, especially our St. Luke's Team 2 folks, please know we are praying for your warmth and safety.  The news reports from home are pouring in.  We hope Team 2 can get here soon, and that Team 1 can go home on schedule.


Time for school

In the classrooms

Computer lab


San Mateo


And finally, for all the snow-bound folks at home, a little sunshine. 

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