Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday we continued the work that was begun on Monday - measuring heights and weights, teaching math, religion and Infant 2, organizing records, and treating sick children.  Our Tuesday evening dinner was at Caliente where we had a good view of the Carnival festivities but remained safe and clean from the painting.  Once again everyone turned in early.  The heat had made us tired especially tired.
Wednesday has been another productive day.  Nancy was back to Infant 2 first thing; Jim, Sandra, and Carson went back to San Mateo and saw more children and adults.  Bob's math lesson was a big hit. Peter and Renee only have one more class to weigh and measure.  Jan conducted 3 Ash Wednesday chapel services and imposed ashes on students and staff.
At lunch time, Peter, Bob and Jan went to the high school to meet the students sponsored by St. Luker's.  Valdimir, Ariany and Ashanti are all doing very well and seemed happy to see us.  After lunch, several of us have done data entry of the heights and weights (it's much cooler in the computer lab) while Dr. Jim, Annie and Carson are taking care of sick students and teachers.
We expect our walk to dinner to much quieter tonight now that Carnival has ended.  There is still some serious shopping to be done in town.
Our week is speeding by.  We will do all that we can in the time we have.  Thank you for supporting us with your prayers.

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