Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday - final day at Holy Cross

This week has zoomed by.  We can't believe it's almost time to leave Holy Cross and Belize.  We have done so many different jobs and met so many wonderful children and teachers.
Our pizza party Thursday with the Infant 2 class was a huge success. The pizza was rapidly consumed and followed by wild games of tag on the playground with Dr. Peter, Ms. Sandra and Mr. Bob.  There are no infant classes today because the teachers are in Belize City at a workshop.  Nancy and Annie are missing them already!  Nancy is helping  Renee finish the last of the heights and weights, and Annie has gone to San Mateo with Jim, Sandra and Carson.  Mr. Bob is getting one last set of math lessons in today, and Joanne is wrapping up all the records.
Last night we had a delicious dinner at Waraguma, followed by ice cream at Manelly's.  Our favorite ice cream shop, DandE's, has been closed all week because one of the owners is sick.

Pizza party with Infant 2

Bob presenting the school with the check for feeding program support. 

We've noticed lots of changes in San Mateo -- more filled in land, more power lines.  

The Mayor and Town Council election is March 4.  

There are still many "London Bridges" in San Mateo

A rainy night turned into a beautiful sunrise.

Jim, Annie,  Carson, and Jan will head home tomorrow.  The others will follow on Monday after a trip Saturday to the Mayan ruins at Lamai and to Belize City Sunday for worship at the Cathedral. We have had a great time here and a great time together.  Thank you for your prayers.
In closing....
the reason we come....

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