Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More about Monday

It was a busy day at Holy Cross. Jim, Carson, and Sandra went into San Mateo in the morning and then saw children at the school in the afternoon. Peter and Rene weighed and measured 4 classes of children. Joanne organized the records so that their data can be added to the previous years. Bob took the Standard VI girls through a math lesson, while Nancy and Annie worked in an Infant 2 classroom. Jan taught the religion lesson in Standard IV and V getting everyone prepared for Lent.

The traditional Carnival "painting" was in full force, gearing up for the peak Tuesday night. We managed to see some of the fun as we had a great dinner at Elvi's and walked home paint-free.
Back at the Sandbar there was a s'mores party going on.

Stay warm and safe, NC friends and family. We are watching your weather reports closely, and, quite honestly, not sad to be missing the event. It's warm and sunny here.
Enjoy the pictures from today. More to follow.

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