Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017 Eucharist and a tour of the school

This week's crew is maybe the smallest we've had, but we've got our tasks to do and we'll do them to the best of our ability.

Sunday, we went to Holy Cross and lead a Eucharist for students, faculty and community members.

We updated the St. Luke's mural:

And we got a tour of the school.  Here are the plans for the Holy Cross campus.  The yellow buildings are complete, and the outlines are plans for future development.  (Yes, the buildings are planned to be built on the water.)

Here's the school kitchen:

The playground:

The library (with a really cool paper tree and lots of snakes made out of old neckties that have been stuffed):

The sewing room, where local women sew the school uniforms, bags, and repair items.  Holy Cross is a bit of a business incubator by collaborating with this sewing room:

And the computer classroom with 42 computers and 4g wifi.  Unfortunately, the school is short on teachers and the computer teacher has been having to take a regular classroom.  Everyone hopes that soon a new teacher will be found and Mr. Aaron can get back to teaching computer full-time.

Tomorrow we start our work!  Nancy Usher Williams will be in the classroom full-time while Jan Lamb and Helen Svoboda-Barber will record the heights and weights of all the students.

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