Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Visiting our Scholarship Students

This morning Nancy spent the morning teaching a Standard 4 class, and Jan and Helen continued to record heights and weights for the children.
After lunch, we went to the high school on the island to visit some of the Holy Cross graduates.  All school costs money in Belize, so in order for children to attend high school, they must both pass a test and also have money for fees.  Four Holy Cross graduates are sponsored by St. Luke's members and friends.  We visited with  Ariany over the weekend, but she was home sick today.  She is sponsored by the Moores and sends them special love.  (And we're looking for others to join in Ariany's sponsorship--if you are interested in helping, contact the church office or the Moores.)

We were then able to talk with Ashanti and Kevin.  Ashanti is sponsored by the Chapmans and Atwells, and Kevin is sponsored by a larger number of St. Luke's members.  Here are Helen, Ashanti, Kevin and Nancy.  Note Ashanti's sweat shirt.  It was cold today--only 80.  ;)

The assistant principal helped us find Valdimir, who is sponsored by a family fund.  Jan has known Valdimir since he was in the first Special Ed classroom in Holy Cross.  He has always been smart as a whip, but has spina bifida which left him unable to use his legs. His mother was afraid to send him to school because if he was bullied, he would not be able to get away.  But when she heard about Holy Cross, she felt that it would be a safe place for him to learn.  And it was.  The next year, he moved into a regular classroom and over the years had multiple surgeries which allowed him to walk.  He got an infection in his foot last year and had to have an amputation, but is doing well and is prepared to graduate later this year.  He hopes to spend the next two years working in the morning and taking classes at the Junior College on the High School campus.  He would like to work in Information Technology and computers.

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