Saturday, January 28, 2017

Where do we stay?

Our team stays at a place called Ruby's, just a block from the San Pedro airport.  (The airport just gets a few small prop planes per day.  We don't notice any airport noise.)  Ruby's accommodations are clean, safe, and sparse:

Here's the view when you look out the front of Ruby's (The blue building is a Roman Catholic primary school, and the airport is just behind it.):

And here's what you see from the back deck of Ruby's:

And here's what is next door to Ruby's. Yum!

Here, I'm drinking a cup of local Belizian "choffee."  It's chocolate nibs and hot water in a french press.  It was good, but chocolate tea is even better-- the shells of the cocoa bean are steeped in hot water. Delicious!

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