Saturday, February 3, 2018

Friday 2Feb

New to Holy Cross this year is the rodent control department. We saw two cats at the school - this one is apparently a stray who took up residence where there's a plentiful supply of food. Whether they're killing them or simply convincing them to move on, the cats have apparently greatly helped with the rat problem at the school.

Friday was the last day at Holy Cross for four of our week 1 team members: Don, Jeannine, Nancy F., and Jan. The highlight of the day was a pizza party we threw for the two Standard V classes. The party was so hectic that we may not have gotten any photos of it.

Friday evening we moved on to our second birthday celebration in two days, observing Jeannine's Saturday birthday a day early. That afternoon we were joined by the first of our team 2 arrivals, Wendy T. So our team briefly grew to 10 for that one evening, before week 1 people began departing on Saturday morning. We didn't know beforehand, but the restaurant we chose for Jeannine's celebration featured a birthday hat and an enthusiastic rendition of Happy Birthday by the entire restaurant.

The other highlight of the meal was Audrey's lionfish. She met the fish (on ice) personally before the meal, then sent it back to the kitchen to be prepared. Here are before and after photos of Audrey's fish.

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