Sunday, February 4, 2018

Sunday 4Feb18

On Sunday five of the team took the 6:30 water taxi to Belize City for church at St. John's Cathedral. We found a couple of dates associated with the founding of the cathedral - but it is at least 200 years old.

After church, our guide Major Tom took us on a tour of Belize City and out into the countryside. We stopped for lunch next to the "sleeping giant," a mountain formation that looks like - well - a sleeping giant.

Wendy T. had a few minutes before lunch to relax in a hammock right inside the restaurant.

After lunch and some further touring through the countryside, we visited the Community Baboon Sanctuary in Bermudian Landing. There were no baboons there - it's a misnomer dating to the original English settlers in Belize, who used the term to refer to the native Belizean howler monkeys. Our guide Robert led us down a narrow path to a point where we met the local troop of howler monkeys. Because we had bananas to feed them, they came face to face with us as they hung from the trees using their prehensile tails.

Everyone's favorite was the mother howler monkey carrying her baby with her on her back.

After the tour and a water taxi ride ... 

... we had dinner with the Super Bowl and a final stop at DandE's for those of us leaving on Tuesday, then back to Ruby's to get ready for the start of week 2 on Monday morning.

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Nancy Williams said...

Miss Tanya’s Infant I class wrote sentences about howler monkeys today. They were thrilled to see our blog’s pictures of howler monkeys! Thanks, Mainland Adventurers!