Saturday, February 10, 2018

Wednesday 7Feb18

While Jim saw patients at Holy Cross all of week 2, Wednesday and Thursday are the days when we got the best pictures. On Wednesday, Jim saw patients big and small in the cafeteria.

Jim worked closely all week with the team from Ole Miss, both at the school and in San Mateo. Katie played a key role at the school, getting additional information from the kids as she walked them back from their classrooms to the cafeteria. The trust building and the additional information gave Jim a leg up as he asked the children about their medical problems.

Week 2 wasn't only about Jim's medical work. Wendy T. continued the work in the literacy center that the team had started the week before. We don't see her in this picture because she's behind the camera.

Nancy W. found a friend from week 1 - Audrey's assistant from painting the St. Luke's wall panel last Thursday. The girl's name is Linda. Because she is in the infant division, she gets out earlier in the afternoon than her brother does in the standard division. She took the opportunity to reconnect with our team.

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