Thursday, February 7, 2019

Last Day in San Pedro

I realized as I posted to this site, that St. Luker's my not recognize the names Miriam, Norine and Wendy when you are reading about our team here.  These wonderful ladies have joined us from other congregations.  Miriam is the Vicar at St. Andrew's in Haw River, where Norine is a parishioner.  Wendy is from Trinity Church in Mt. Airy.  How lucky we have been to share this experience with them.

As we reflect upon our time here, we all agree that we are sad to have one less day at the school.  ( due to cost of flights).  Dr. Jim is staying through tomorrow, but we are certain he will have plenty to catch up on.

The medical "team" ( Martha, Norine and Arianie) saw a lot of children and family members as well as people in the San Mateo community.  He has become well known enough that when he walked down the road, people came out of their homes and called to him to come " look at" some sort of medical issue!  They dealt with everything from runny noses, to dog bites to severely infected cuts. It was amazing to hear the stories of all of the folks they helped during their day. 

Peggy rehearsed the school song with the Standard 6 class ( seen in the photos below) taught and worked on a song that pre-schoolers will sing in a presentation in March and had the chance to work with some talented drummers.
Wendy stayed busy in the library and Jan and Miriam finished up weighing an measuring all the students!

All of the students attended Chapel today which was officiated Miriam and several teachers and music was led by Peggy.

We have had some wonderful meals while here and are going back to Elvie's Kitchen tonight , since our meal earlier this week was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to all who have helped us be here this week!

 Standard 6 class.  Almost 40 children in here and no teaching assistant!  I am in awe of Mr. Ayoni, the teacher!
 The medical team meets to talk about their day.
 Wendy worked hard organizing books as well as delivering book to teachers who made "requests"
Peggy took some drumsticks down and was going to teach a few things...but these kids already had been practicing with pencils and chopsticks and were quite amazing!  
To see more photos and videos of our trip, ( and other awesome things about St. Luke's)  check out the St. Luke's Facebook page.