Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Week 2

After spending 2 days wrestling with how to get a post on the blog...Here we are!
Team two has had an exciting week.
We were so excited to bring down 6 donation suitcases from Peggy's school and 1 from Wendy's church.  Jan and Miriam have been kept busy doing height and weight checks on the more than 400 students. Jim, Martha, Norine  and former Holy Cross student, Arianie ( who is now in college) have been doing medical checks on site with students as well as in the homes of San Mateo residents.  Wendy has been busy in the library filling book requests from teachers, and reading to classes as well as individuals.  Peggy has been teaching songs and singing to multiple classes, including working with the oldest students on the school song ( which they sing for graduation).  A drumming group was formed on Tuesday afternoon with Standard 6 boys, and some drumsticks Peggy brought from Raleigh.  A video is posted on the St. Luke's Facebook page.
Pictures will help tell some of our stories!