Friday, February 1, 2019

The spelling bee

In addition to our usual work in Standard 6 math (Bob and Dan), one of the Infant 1 classrooms (Nancy), and the library (Wendy), we did a couple of first-time activities on Thursday and Friday. The first involved Dan and Bob. The three older grades assembled outside in the palapa to determine the Holy Cross representatives to the San Pedro spelling bee. This is the first time we have actually seen the palapa in use.
Students in the palapa
The students carried their desks and chairs outside, lined them up, then settled in for the competition.

Dan served as the timer for the competition, while Bob was the scorekeeper.
Scorekeeper and timer
The three contestants on the stage all performed well, but in the end the girl on the right was the winner.
Spelling bee contestants
The only downside of the spelling bee (from my perspective, at least) is that it preempted our math work in Standard 6.

- Bob

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