Friday, January 26, 2018

2018 Friday around town

We went to Holy Cross Anglican School to say hello to the office folks, see the school, and visit Ashanti's newborn. Baby Melanie has been home only a week with her mom Ashanti and we were fortunately able to see them at grandma's food stand, just a few minutes' walk from Holy Cross in San Mateo. We delivered gifts from Ashanti's sponsors and even got to hold the baby (Bob is practicing for his own coming grandchild).

Walking back to the motel we see the advertisements for the two political parties (red and blue) running in the upcoming local elections.

Town patron St. Peter centers the roundabout in San Pedro.

By happy accident, Holy Cross Education Foundation board member John M. and St. Luker Audrey C., both of whom have expertise in solar photovoltaic (PV) power systems, met on Friday at the school. There, John presented the board with updates on existing solar PV systems and plans for future solar installations. Audrey and Wendy attended that presentation, and Audrey will spend next week doing some much-needed assessments of Holy Cross' energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives.

Below shows a snapshot of a data system tracking power usage and PV generation at Holy Cross. The original photovoltaic System 1 is monitored in real time with system statistics here. If you would like to further support sustainability at Holy Cross, you can donate towards the funding of a future 5kW array through the Global Giving Foundation.

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