Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wednesday 31Jan

Construction in San Mateo.

 San Mateo's first solid road.

 San Pedro police and fire station. We don't hear sirens.

 The old road (now torn out).

We ended the day with a special treat: a long visit with Kevin, the high school student whom St. Luke's is current sponsoring. Kevin is in third form (junior year), and looks forward to graduating in June of 2019. Kevin told us about his special interest in music. He is taking guitar lessons. He and his friends would like to form a band - they're just waiting to find a drummer. An unexpected bonus on Tuesday was getting to meet Kevin's mother. She works at a store right next door to Holy Cross, so we were able to meet with her to arrange Kevin's visit on Wednesday.

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Marlys Ray said...

Thinking of you all! I just got a chance to check out all the photos, and TBTG, it appears *not* to be raining much!