Saturday, January 27, 2018

Saturday Sojourners

Four members of the team started early on Saturday for a packed day filled with adventures. First was a 90-minute water taxi ride back to the mainland, then a bus trip to the Mayan ruins of Altun Ha.

Lera is climbing to the top of the tallest structure at Altun Ha. Nancy F. is documenting Lera's climb - but afterwards she climbed to the top as well.

Sometimes Nancy F. was above Lera.

Here we see Lera, Audrey, and Nancy F. on a slightly shorter set of stairs.

Audrey and Lera atop the tallest structure - those are the tops of the rain forest trees in the background! In other words, they have climbed above the level of the rain forest canopy.

After the long water taxi ride, Nancy F. investigates an alternative transport for getting back to Ambergris Caye.

Next on the agenda was zip lining through the jungle (and over the river!). Here, Audrey is about to start down one of the lines.

The team of adventurers is waiting to move to the next line. They completed all six lines, from the "chicken" run to the last two lines over the river.

Lera says "Yee haw!" as she takes off over the river.

Here's Nancy F. riding the zip line with her copilot.

"Yee haw!"

The final attraction of the day was a stop at the Belize Zoo. They saw a tapir (the national animal of Belize!) ...

... a native plant ...

... a jaguar ...

... a puma ...

... some black howler monkeys ...

... and a toucan (the national bird of Belize).

While the adventurers were off adventuring, Jan, Bob, and Nancy W. remained behind to reconnect with two of our high school students.

Here's Jan with Isolene, the student she supported through high school. Isolene is planning to graduate from university next year.

And here's Bob with Arianie, the student whom he and Mary Jane are supporting. Arianie will be graduating from San Pedro High School in June. Like many high school seniors, she is working on her college applications.

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