Sunday, January 28, 2018


Sunday's fun activity was a six-hour sail-and-snorkel trip on a 35-foot catamaran. We got up for an early breakfast at Estel's, and were ready to board the boat by 8:00. The first 90 minutes of the trip were spent sailing to the Mexico Rocks snorkeling site.

Here are Don and Jeannine sitting at the front of the boat enjoying the sun.

Here we are snorkeling at Mexico Rocks. You can always spot Bob with his orange in-the-water hat. You can also spot Audrey and Wendy snorkeling at Mexico Rocks. 

Here's Audrey back on the boat enjoying an adult beverage.

 We spent much of the day very close to the barrier reef, but always on the inside side.

Whenever we weren't snorkeling, we went back to sailing. The crew hoisted the sail briefly on the way home, but we used the engine for most of the trip.

We shared the sailboat with a couple from St. Louis who had just arrived from the U.S. Here's Lera talking with Michelle, with Mark visible in the background next to Nancy F.

Here's Jeannine talking with Lera. We didn't know it at the time, but they would spend the week working together as our team gathering heights and weights for the students at Holy Cross.

Here's Don looking for the shore. We could see that it was there behind him - but nobody shared the secret with him.

Back at the dock after a great day, here's Wendy with our crew Captain Claudio and First Mate Jerry. We have always had great crews when we've sailed with Catamaran Belize.

Safely back on shore, the snorkelers went next door to Belize Chocolate Company for some post-voyage refreshment.

Here's Nancy W.'s favorite, the chocochino.

 Ginger caramel in dark chocolate at The Belize Chocolate Company next day.

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