Monday, February 11, 2008

First day of work!

Today was the first day we got to work at the school. When two seperate groups went around to the classes a lot of the younger kids seemed to be very interested in my braces. One younger girl came up to me and said "You have rubbers bands on your teeth?" And the older kids (I say older when they were probaly aroung seven or eight) liked my red hair. Today Jan, my mom and I worked with six classes at different times on Valentine treat bags for Thursday. There is going to be a Valentines day party on Thursday and a fair on Friday. Mrs. Grace also told all the students that if they didn't do their homework that they didn't get to go to the fair. That would stink! It was very confusing for me when we passed out candy for each of the kids in the classes because each kid got three pink candycorns. Well some kids thought they could be sneaky and tell me "I no got any!" I would just look at them right in the eye and even if I didn't remember if I had given them some candy or not, I would find out becaus if they had taken some already they would smile really big. But if they hadn't gotten any they would look really sad and innocent. But at one point all the kids in one class swarmed around me and were yelling that they hadn't gotten any and were pulling at the bag of candy. Fourtunatly my mom came over and broke up the mob of angry and hungry children. It was also very sad when the children would try to sneak out of the classroom with a small sheet of stickers. And you have to know that these kids don't have a lot and every chance they got they would try to steal from eachother or from the school. (only stickers and markers though) Also, Pam painted the dental suite. It is a toothpaste blue (very appropriate) with a wavy texture. The guys started on the floor frame for the library and computer lab. My mom, Anne, John, Joanne, and I put up a parachute on the ceiling for color. Anne was dragged into a classroom and was left to teach the standard one class this afternoon. Clara also helped in the classroom. Nina helped with the floor framing and dishwashing. Sandra worked in the classroom and on dishwashing. With 400 students it is a lot of dishes to clean. Once the cooking ladies are done cooking and washing dishes, they are already started on another meal. They never get a moments rest! I don't know how they do it! All in all it was an excellent first day. Everyone is very tired and so am I!! OH! And we saw somthing you don't get tp see!!! Rain! There were actually PUDDLES! Seeing rain these days is like seeing and elephant walking down the street. So I think that was onw of the most exciting things. Well my fingers are hurting now so I think I will go. BlessingS to all and I will talk again soon. Bye!

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