Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was a very festive day at Holy Cross. Standard VI was in charge of cupcakes for the school. They baked, frosted, decorated and delivered over 400 cupcakes to children, teachers and volunteers. Earlier in the week, Maggie, Anne, and Jan helped each class decorate Valentine's bags which Joanne helped fill with treats. Everyone left this afternoon with a treat. And congratulations to Holy Cross's first football team who won their game this afternoon -- dressed in new uniforms.

The work is going well. Scott and Jim have just about finished the new bathroom -- all that's left is to install the toilet and sink. John W. , Peter, Nina and John C. have got the flooring just about done on a huge section of the new library/computer room. One of the Standard I teachers has been sick all week and Joyce has been their substitute. Clara has worked with an Infant I class: Sandra is in Standard II; and Jan has been all around. Pam and Jean have the dental clinic painted and ready for patients while Joanne unpacked, sorted and put away all the school supplies both teams brought. Anne, Peggy and Maggie have painted an amazing mural in Resurrection Hall around Miss Laura's office. And, in their spare time, Maggie and Peggy have had music with each class. Jan assisted with the older children's chapel this morning along with Deacon Tess, visiting from Canada. It has been very hot and we are pretty worn out at the end of each day. But, we get up the next morning, ready to go again.

Tonight we will celebrate Valentine's at Wild Mango's restaurant. A real treat!! Tomorrow there is a Valentine's fair at the school. We don't really know what to expect but will do what we can. There will be no classes but the construction will continue. Our week is rapidly drawing to an end. We have made many new friends at Holy Cross and will be sad to leave.

Something is not working in the transfer of pictures--- Team 1 wins the prize for best blog. We will try again tomorrow but will have terrific ones to bring home and share.

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