Monday, February 18, 2008

Photos from Team One's trip home

Now that both teams are home safely, here are a couple of interesting photos from Team One's trip home a week ago. The first (or possibly the second -- the blog seems to have its own ideas about where to position photos) shows our own Father Joe Hensley with the Rt. Reverend Philip Wright, Bishop of Belize. Team One attended a very impressive two-and-a-half hour service at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Baptist in Belize City prior to catching the plane to Miami. One of the many elements of this service was Joe's birthday blessing for Bishop Wright and for several members of the congregation, including one lady who was celebrating her 98th birthday. There were also several baptisms and a special blessing for everyone planning to travel (which obviously included us on Team One).

The second photo comes from the Miami airport. After we had cleared customs and gone to wait for the flight home, this incredibly frenetic insect suddenly showed up at our gate. For well over an hour, he entertained children and adults waiting for their flights, the airline people at the gate, and anyone else who happened to be walking by. The only thing that stopped him was an announcement that our flight would be departing from a different gate in another concourse.

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