Friday, February 8, 2008

Today was Team One's last workday. Francis greeted us at breakfast and took us for a walk through San Mateo, the swamp neighborhood where many of the children who attend school live (see accompanying picture). The story of San Mateo is too long for a blog, but ask any Belize Team member to share it with you. The children were still out of school due to the election holiday yesterday, so a lot of painting was undertaken, including a bright white to liven up the long porch off the cafeteria and various and sundry painting of doors, windows and random unpainted wood. Several more floor beams and joists were added and the stair masters and mistresses finished up the railing on the new set of stairs. Team One returned to be greeted by the arrival of Team Next, and all gathered on Ruby's upper deck. Jaritzy and her brother Jobe showed up with a huge card they had made for the departing St. Lukers, and to greet members of Team Next that they had met last year. Then all 31 members of both teams attended dinner together and held a compline service. Other pictures with this blog post include the stair masters and mistresses astride their creation, and the assembled members of Team One, along with the work grew of Freddy, Mr. G., and Fredo. Also shown is Holly presenting a huge rice pot to the kitchen women who fed us and 450 students each day, but lamented that they had only one pot for rice, so had to cook in batches. Not included (figured 4 pictures is plenty) is a picture of the members of the Mud Squad standing triumphantly upon the floor beams and girders atop the 24 piles they managed to sink to bedrock while simultaneously hiding the holes for the 21 piles still to go. Pray for a Bobcat mechanic and a skilled driver who won't sink it into the lagoon. The next blog will come from an intrepid member of Team Next.

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