Saturday, February 2, 2008

Team 1 has arrived safely in San Pedro

The 17 members of Team 1 checked into Ruby's Hotel on Friday. Today (Saturday) we began with a brief worship service, had breakfast, then scattered, with various members going to snorkel, scuba dive, visit the Mayan site of Lamani or just relax. Several of us walked to Holy Cross school to see what had changed since our visit a year ago and check out what we would be working on. The school has expanded significantly, with several new buildings. Our work site (shown in a photo on this blog if I am successful at loading it) is bare ground (well, some ground, some mangrove swamp). So we will have to start by sinking posts to the bedrock below. On our walk back, we ran into one of the families we were closest too last year: Jaritzy and her siblings and some of their friends. We were overjoyed to see each other and (again, if successful) there is an accompanying photo of Joe Hensley performing a little clowning for them.

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