Monday, June 23, 2014


This trip has been so amazing. I have been so so fortunate to have been submerged into a completely different, yet similar culture than the culture I am accustomed to. The people here are so friendly, the children are so caring, and the food is amazing. Everything in Belize and everything that I have experienced has just included relaxation. Everyone says "no worries." I have really tried to include that phrase in everything I do, and I hope everyone will try to do as well. It's our experiences and our family that matters most; no worries, because every little thing is going to be alright. It has been a fun adventure for all of us.
-Annie Short

I felt the presence of Jesus working in holy cross, specifically within the children at the school.
- Lawton Kariher

This week in Belize has been truly amazing. From the spiritually enhancing energetic souls of the kids to the breathtaking view "on top of the world" at Lamanai, everything this week has been perfect. I feel as if I have grown closer to my youth group and have had two amazing leaders to help me in that journey. I feel very lucky to have experienced this before going off to college.
-Kristen Burgess

I can't explain to you how amazing this week has been for me. I've learned so many things from the children at holy cross and the adults as well. I'm so happy that I could have this amazing experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
-Anna Young

I made many new connections with the kids at holy cross in standard two, and had time to think about them as I sat atop the pyramid and gazed across the river and jungle at Lamanai.
-Eric Lassiter

This experience is one that I'll never forget. Meeting and getting to work with the kids and teachers and being able to reach out to each of them was really special to me, as well as continuously remembering why we came to San Pedro in the first place. I can't wait for an opportunity for me to be able to come back. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen and was a part of it.
-Catie Ringer


Anne Burgess said...

How wonderful to see and feel your testimonies. I am so glad you all got to experience this journey!

Peggy Freer said...

You were all amazing people before this trip. You have just broadened the depth of how wonderful you are!
We are all proud of you and so happy to witness all of you experience this. So happy for our community and world that you are here making a difference.