Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Third day in Belize...Wednesday, June 18th

Today many of us tried to get up early to watch the sun rise, unfortunately it was overcast here. We still tried and received an early morning shower to help wake us up.

After a hearty breakfast and morning prayer at the school we moved to the computer lab where Aaron played us music to get our bodies moving. Randy was the highlight of the morning disco party.

We were only at the school for a half of day today, but that was probably best for us. With this being the last week of school there is not a lot going on in the school. We still spent time in the classrooms and enjoyed reading, drawing, and playing games with the kids.

Francis and Vernon came today to the school. This was a highlight for everyone at the school including our team. They talked to us about all the St. Luke's teams that were here before us and how much we have meant to the project. It was great to get meet them both in person. They are very inspirational people with a lot of passion and energy.

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Anne Hodges-Copple said...

Sounds wonderful. We'll hope you get a great sunrise tomorrow. Enjoy every second.