Monday, June 23, 2014

Sorry for the delays in posting. The blog stopped wanting to cooperate after Tuesday. Plus, finding good internet was hard to find this week, which was ok by us. We didn't really need it with all the fun we were having exploring a new place.

On Saturday the group left San Pedro for a day trip to the Mayan ruins of Lamanai. The boat picked us up for a 60 Belize minute boat ride to the mainland. This is where we got on a "natural air conditioned" bus to ride another 60 Belize minute. We met up with our Lamanai tour guide at our next spot and he took us in a boat down the river.

On our way to Lamanai we had a spider monkey come up to the boat where we were able to feed it. We also saw a alligator and many different species of birds.

When we got to Lamanai we had a picnic lunch and toured the little museum they had on site. This houses some of the small artifacts that had been excavated from this site. We then headed into the rainforest to see the temples. We all climbed to the top of Lamanai and the views from the top were spectacular! It is such a gift to be on this trip, we are all so thankful for the time we have spent together doing some incredible things.

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