Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday at Holy Cross

Thursdays are a special day at the school as it the day that they hold chapel. The team watched and participated in all three chapel services. It was very interesting how each one was the same but very different.

For the younger group the teacher lead the chapel service but had the children act out the story. Everything the teacher said they repeated.

The second group were slightly older and they recited together with the teacher the liturgy.

The last group was the older group and the standard VI class students lead chapel service for the rest of the older kids.

It was very interesting to watch each of these chapel services through the different age groups.

During each service the question was asked if there were any birthdays or things to celebrate and each service we made Kristen go to the front of the room to wish her a happy birthday. So, for Kristen's 18th birthday the entire Holy School got to sing to her. It was pretty amazing.

Lydia was back today as well and she had plenty of projects for us to work on. We spent a little less time in the classrooms today and more time finishing up these projects. We were able to get Lydia a book together of the scholarships needed for next year, as well as the one student that is graduating this year that still needs a scholarship. Please let me know if you want to know more about this student. Overall, it was a productive day with a playground break in the middle.

I think we are all exhausted and took it easy after leaving the school...of course with the exception of going to watch the chicken drop.

We finished the night with reflection and continued celebration of Kristen's birthday. It was a great day. We can't believe it is already the end of Thursday! Time flies when you are having fun :)

We are still having problems posting to the blog please forgive us for the late posts and broken up messages. Oh and any grammatical or spelling's late! We hope you are enjoying the ones we have posted!

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Kristen! Many more!

Joan Hodges said...

Happy Birthday, Kristen!!