Saturday, February 6, 2016

Friday at the school

Friday was the last work day for team 1 but no less packed with activity.

Nancy continued her participation in Mr. Ayoni's class.  One wouldn't know that she wasn't a seasoned teacher and the kids clearly loved her.  Following is a link to a video of Nancy reading to the class.

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As has become a tradition, we presented the cafeteria staff with card and contribution in appreciation of their outstanding service and hospitality in keeping well nourished throughout the week.  Ginger assisted the staff with lunch cleanup most every day.

Friday was a big day for Mr. Ayoni's and Nancy's class as we planned for a pizza party during lunch in the nearby park.  While Friday was the first rainy day of the week, thankfully the weather cooperated, and the party was a rousing success.

Lydia and Benjamin joined us for the pizza party and Peter provided mom with a little break so she could eat her pizza.

After pizza, an impromptu but highly competitive football (soccer) game ensued.  Mike and Peter both served as goalie for each team.  Clearly they were no match for the skilled kids and both gave up three goals in very short order.

Team 2 began arriving today.  Elaine, Norine, Miriam and Jan all arrived safely in time for the evening meeting and devotion followed by another excellent group dinner.  We are anticipating Jim and Elizabeth Short's safe arrival on Saturday.  Mike departs for Durham on Saturday.  

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