Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tuesday at the school

Nancy spent most of the day teaching and tutoring. She'll be spending time with this same class (standard 3- the equivalent of our 5th grade) for the remainder of her two weeks at Holy Cross.

Eileen was skilled enough to get a few of the children to slow down long enough to get their picture taken.  Most of the children are clearly not shy and most enthusiastic about getting their picture taken.

Lunch is a typically joyous time, managed as always with speed and efficiency by the staff.  The 2007 St. Luke's team helped construct the cafeteria.  

Peter and Eileen confer with Mr. Rodney Griffith, the school's new principal.

Following our evening meeting and devotional, our group dinners are a relaxing end to the day.  Here we are at Elvi's, one the regular hangouts for each year's St. Luke's teams.   

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