Friday, February 5, 2016

Thursday at the school

Thursday saw a continuation of the week's activities.  The recording of heights and weights for all children was completed, painting and maintenance continued and support for the dentists was ongoing.

We updated the St. Luke's panel to celebrate the pioneering work of John and Jean Willard as well memorializing the friends and team members we've lost, Jim Hooker and Pam Chapman.

A daughter of one of the cafeteria workers enjoys a lollipop compliments of Ginger.

Randy and Ginger added to the artwork in dental waiting area with (pleasant) biblical versus with references to teeth.

In addition to the day's work, weekly chapel occurs each Thursday.  Chapel is held in the cafeteria in three sessions, divided by age group.  The first two sessions (younger children) are led primarily by the teachers, with the third session (older children) led primarily by the children.  We were very impressed when at one point when the children were reciting the Apostle's Creed, and got out of sync, the youth leader, stopped everyone so they could restart and stay in sync.  

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