Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Last night and today it was all things Lenten.  Last night was Carnival in San Pedro.  Music was loud and blaring while young people squirted paint on each other and men cross dressed. It's the custom to throw raw eggs at each other, and it is especially effective if the eggs have been buried in warm sand  for a few days to make them rotten. We walked up the park where all this was happening and saw some of the Holy Cross students having a good time.

Today, Ash Wednesday, the festivities were over.  Miriam and Jan led the Ash Wednesday service for the younger kids in the cafeteria.  Hundreds of students and teachers received ashes. In the afternoon five of us took the water taxi to Cay Cauker, a nearby island, and enjoyed walking around the town.

Carnival pictures:

Ashe Wednesday Service at Holy Cross

Classroom furniture at Holy Cross School

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