Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday at the school

After a typically hearty breakfast served up by the excellent cafeteria staff.  Ms. Dora, our volunteer contact and a graduate of Holy Cross, took us on a tour of San Mateo.  In addition to being on staff at Holy Cross, Dora is currently studying tourism at local junior college and is the daughter of Mr. Freddy, the school's head of maintenance and Ms. Rosalea, who heads the cafeteria.


Eileen, Mike and Lera spend the day recording heights and weights of the children.  Beyond the the important tasks of, gathering the children, measuring height and weight, recording them on paper and then adding them to the spreadsheet, this was a wonderful time to interact with the children.

Randy and Ginger ensured that St. Luke's is properly represented among the many murals and other paintings from the many churches and organisations who support Holy Cross.

The finished product celebrates a wonderful 10 year partnership between Holy Cross and St. Luke's.

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