Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Second day at Holy Cross

We arrived at the school at 7:30 this morning for a delicious breakfast prepared by the wonderful ladies at the school.

After morning prayer and reflection we caught up with Lydia to prepare for the days tasks.

Freddie showed up and had some tasks for the gentlemen to work on out side. The ladies worked in the classrooms and our banner we are bringing back. It looks great!

We all played outside with the kids before lunch...it was hot, but fun!

We all split up and ended the day in classrooms hanging out with the kids. It was another great day at the school!

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Anonymous said...

Wow looks like a funfilled day! I hope Eric didn't break the see-saw

Peter Kariher said...

Keep posting pictures. We are loving the travels so far.

Peter Kariher said...
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Bruce Middleton said...

So great to see the smiling faces of the students! They must love all of the attention!

Anne Burgess said...

Thank you so much for posting the pictures and journaling! What a wonderful adventure you must be having. I cannot wait till the next posting. Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you!

Jonathan Toomey said...

Looks like you're having lots of fun Catie!!! We love you!

<3 Jonathan and Abby