Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Day 2 in Belize we walked to the local bakery on our way to Holy Cross School.
                  Sweet and savory pastries were a welcome start to the day. 

The librarian, Estrella, led us on a walking tour of  the community San Mateo with the group (including Mateo-- see what we did there?). 

                                                    Mateo assisted students with exams.
                                      We watched a video in the computer lab about the history of Holy Cross.
                                                    The new dental clinic at the school.
                                                       Michael at the swing set.

                                        Tomas spent hours organizing books in the library.
                                    One of the many dogs wandering the beach we befriended.
Charlie the fearless lizard catcher. This is one of his new reptile friends.
                                                                  Walking to dinner.
Dinner at Elvi's. We tried new and local foods--octopus, mussels, pork pabil, and crab.

A lesson from the Holy Cross computer lab to live by.

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