Thursday, June 21, 2018

Wednesday's Mission

Wednesday's Mission
Our morning commute to work.
First stop- the bakery. We wish you could taste the delicious handmade pastries we are enjoying every morning.
We worked with classes and individual students on their writing. First grader, Jose, is making great progress in learning how to write sentences.

Our work in the library continues as we remove books from shelves so we can start our painting project.
Charlie paints columns in the library.
Shawn, our project manager.

Safety first. Anna demonstrates how to paint and still breathe.  

The calm before the storm with the handprint project.
Holy Cross students LOVED lending a hand to our banner.

The finished product. "The Power in Love"--name that Bishop!

Dozens (hundreds?) of students waited to make their mark on our banner.

Taking in the sun and the sea.

Fresh papusas (cornmeal fritters with yummy fillings)

Red Fanta, a local favourite.

DandE's ice cream. It's as good as all those St. Lukers who've been to Belize told us.

We shared our evening reflections and gratitudes on the dock with the moon above us, under the watchful eyes of our new dog friends, Larry and Gabe. The night sky, the ocean, faithful friends, dogs, and God--it was a good day for a good day, and we are grateful.


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