Friday, June 22, 2018

                                                                     Thursday's Mission


All of the youth rotated in and out of classrooms and the library for our beautification  and reorganization project.


                       Michael learns the art of play from his class in between reading and math lessons.
Sometimes you just need a hug, and Elena is usually there when this happens.
 Another delicious lunch at school.
 Ms. Tonya's kindergarten class plays after exams.
The sewing shop at school where these ladies make the school uniforms and other items for sale to benefit the school.
School girls' uniform

We removed all the books and painted the shelves. After pics coming soon.
Tomas and Michael go to Mr. Freddy's workshop to get needed supplies for our library beautification project.

Fun on the beach

We ended our evening with reflections and prayers. There's no doubt that God is in Belize. We see the evidence constantly here, despite the great needs people have in San Mateo. We strive to be God's hands and feet in motion with our service and love.

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