Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday in Belize 

After all the fun we had yesterday we have one more excursion to look forward to today with our trip to Lamanai. We would soon find out it was going to be a long trip out to the ruins. Our trip started at 6:45 on the dock to meet our boat. We traveled into Ladyville to catch our travel van to the final boat that would take us down the river. Overall a 3 hour trip one way!

We enjoyed the trip down the river the most. We would stop to see the wildlife and the tour guides were excellent at pointing out even the smallest creatures along the banks. The tiniest were the bats on the trees.After reaching the site of the ruins we begin our guided tour. All of our tour guides were incredible. They had so much information to share with us. We certainly learned a lot.

After the tour we ate lunch and returned to the boat. It was another 3 hours back home. We had such a great time we certainly didn’t want it to end.

We wrapped up the day once we got back with dinner and reflections. It was another successful day in Belize!

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