Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday was a day of varied activities for the team. Clara, Linda and Robert left very early for Lamanai and had a good tour there. John, Bob, Hilly, Peter, Sandra and Wayne went on a boat trip north of the island which included manatee watching, snorkeling, a stop at a new archaeological site of Mayan ruins, lunch on a private beach and boat engine issues. Joanne, Joyce and
Jan held down the fort at Ruby's. Everyone had an enjoyable day, and we reunited for dinner at the Blue Water Grille. Dinner included a birthday celebration for John (his 27th) which involved a huge cake.

We got periodic reports on the Super Bowl but didn't view it ourselves. The celebrations went on quite late in San Pedro, but most of us managed to get a decent night's sleep (they still empty the trash next to Ruby's at 4:00 am). There was heavy rain several times during the night that let up in time for us to make the walk to Holy Cross. Ms. Rosalea greeted us when we arrived and had a great breakfast ready for us. It was wonderful to see familiar faces among the children and teachers. After breakfast we unloaded the donation suitcases, had an orientation from Lydia, and took a tour of San Mateo. The new road now makes the complete loop through San Mateo, and there are many changes and improvements out there.

Everyone is already busy at the school -- some are welding; some are working on heights and weights of the students; some are doing technical work in the computer lab; some are tutoring. Pictures will come soon. We will do our best to keep you current on our activities. We are thankful to be here safely with the support of our families and St. Luke's. Stay tuned!

Presenting the new banner to Holy Cross

Hilly tutoring students from Infant II in counting by 5s

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