Friday, February 8, 2013

We had such a busy day yesterday that no one ever got a chance to update the blog.  Earlier in the week we traded the rain for beautiful, but hot, sunshine.  Wednesday night we had a delicious dinner at Wild Mango, and a number of us were delighted to have dessert at DandE's ice cream shop. 
What have they been doing that has kept them so busy, you might be asking?  Well....
On Thursday afternoon, Robert and Wayne along with Peter got the computer desk project finished.  The lab has been put back together with working computers.  

Hilly, John, Linda and Clara collected height and weight data on every child.  Joanne has recorded, sorted and stored it in easily accessible files.

Clara and Joyce completed vision screening on all the children who were referred this week.  They were able to screen them in time to send the children with the most significant vision issues to the BCVI (Belize Vision Clinic) to be further tested and fitted for glasses.

Bob and John have finished their computer up-grade project and with the arrival today of the new external drive, everything will be up and running.

Bob has got the Standard VI students ready for their up-coming high-stakes state test.  He has also worked with Standard V on some important math concepts. 

On Thursday, Jan was the story-teller in all three chapels, led a discussion in Standard III about Lent, and presented a workshop to the teachers about Lent and Easter.  They should all be better prepared to lead their children through this season of the church year.

Linda again served as the "runner" for the dentists and got to know many of the children as she walked them to and from the dental clinic. 

Sandra has been working with a Standard V class on the Literacy through Pictures project. The kids have taken great photos and will compile their book next week. We are all looking forward to seeing the final project. 

In our spare time, we've popped into the sewing center to marvel at the progress there. The ladies are making the uniforms for Holy Cross and also have adorable dolls and beautifully made totebags for sale.  On-site shopping!  We have also washed dishes and helped clean up after meals.  We've seen the grand plan for Holy Cross expansion which includes a soccer field, basketball court and large palapa.  We have listened to budding young singers launching their career.

Last night we enjoyed a delicious barbeque chicken dinner -- chicken, rice and beans, cole slaw -- prepared and delivered to Ruby's by Mr. Freddie.  Lydia and her family and other long-term friends of Holy Cross (Nurse Heather, Dan the welder from Minnesota, and Matthew from Georgia) joined us.  Some of the group tried to watch the Duke basketball game, but the local bar didn't get the proper ESPN station.

We are anticipating the arrival this afternoon of the first group of Team 2.  Tonight will mean packing, saying good-bye, watching one last sunset and getting ready for the trip home tomorrow.  With heavy hearts, with full hearts, with lots of dirty laundry, precious gifts from children and teachers, and cherished memories, we will head back to NC tomorrow.  Team 1 is thankful for the support of St. Luke's, Temple Baptist, and our families that made this trip possible.  You have been with us here in our thoughts and in our prayers. 

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