Thursday, February 14, 2013

Report for Wednesday February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday at Holy Cross

Today was a very busy day for us at Holy Cross. This morning we had a priest fly in to hold Ash Wednesday Services for the school. Three different services were held for the various grade levels. A lot of singing, clapping and sounds of Amen were heard in the cafeteria all day. The priest was very generous with the ashes and we all had large black crosses on our foreheads. The children seemed very prepared for the Lenten season and were able to answer numerous questions. It was a very special beginning for the next forty days.

Students line up to receive ashes

Adorable Kindergartener with his ashes
Dr. Peter receives his ashes as Clara waits in line
 Meanwhile, our team was involved in a lot of different activities. The men definitely had the dirtiest job as they continued to work on erecting a cover for the water garden. They were hot and very dirty and smelly before the end of the day. In fact, they even accepted a cab ride home, forgoing their usual water hole stop on the way back to Ruby's. Bob, Mike and George enjoyed a Belikin when they got back to the deck.

Bob holds the beam as the others try to push down

Dirty work, be careful, Bob, that not just dirty water below your feet

Dr. Jim, Kristen, Anna (from Ole Miss) and Kathy headed out to San Mateo to do some rechecks and picked up a few new patients along the way. Maggie was the delightful guide and translator as usual. There was a lot of laughter and were many smiles during the visits. Even though some of the people have serious problems and their health outlooks may not be great, we were always greeted with hospitality and gratitude.Dr. Jim and the team from St.Luke's have developed a great sense of trust with the people of San Mateo.

Dr. Jim revisits patients from last year

Kristen checks out the baby's eyes as she get a snuggle

Dr. Jim with a sick little child, he is so gentle

 Dr. Peter, Beth, Ginny, Joyce and Clara continued working with the kids at the school. Eye checks, heights and weights, and physical exams were the morning work at Holy Cross. Sandra continued her class with the kids and found time to work on the blog too. Poor Scott stayed in the computer lab with his foot immersed in a bucket of ice. He wants to be out with guys, nasty work or not!!

Scott cools his heel in his ice bucket

The students were dismissed early and so Ginny and Clara spent part of their afternoon working with the ladies in the kitchen. The kitchen staff always appreciates  the help that they get from St. Lukers.

Clara and Ginny helping in the kitchen

Mr. Freddie provided dinner for everyone at Ruby's, it was delicious! Then we had a nice visit with Maggie and Brittany. We don't see as much of Brittany since she is now in high school and doing very well we were told by proud Mama Maggie!

Sandra has very gratefully handed the blog over to Scott and Kathy, she has been so busy. This also gives Scott something productive to do and occupy his time.

We got some random pictures from previous days and thought we would just post them today. Tomorrow, Friday will be the Valentine's Fair here at Holy Cross, this will be fun for all as well as a fund raiser for the school.

Priest on Ash wednesday

Lady? Dancer on Carnival night

Clara's 84th!!!

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