Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Report from Tuesday, February 12

Unfortunately this morning Scott twisted his ankle badly. Jim accompanied him to the Poly-Clinic and after a few hours he had an X-ray that confirmed no bones are broken. Kathy and Peter went to the Clinic and eventually Scott and Kathy went back to Ruby’s. Scott has crutches and a boot to stabilize his foot.

 Joyce and Ginny get report about Scott from Jim

In the morning Kristin and Anna went into San Mateo to follow-up with patients they had seen on Monday with Jim.

Kristin reading to Destiny, a child we have been following for years

Joyce, Clara, Beth, and Hilly continued eye exams, heights and weights and began medical exams on the students new to the school while Sandra continued her literacy through photography work with the students in Ms Virginia’s Standard V. Outside construction work continued on the structure for the new roof over the Water Garden.

Mike measures drill depth as George and Bob hold the heavy post

It is Carnival time here in San Pedro and the streets are hopping with music and people of various ages painting one another and everything in sight. Several shops are covered with plastic sheeting and the clock tower in the main square is covered with a blue tarp and masking tape from top to bottom. The dancing is done by men crossed dressed as women and a few women. It’s lively! We may have some pictures to share tomorrow.

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