Friday, February 15, 2013

Report for Thursday February 14 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Today was an extremely busy day for Holy Cross. The teachers and students were so busy getting ready for the Valentine's Fair on Friday.The smell of baking cupcakes was travelling throughout the school all daylong. The older classes were selling them as their fundraising project. Many of the students were working on valentines and decorations in the computer lab where it was a little cooler as yesterday was a pretty beastly day.

Students preparing for the Valentine's Fair

The boss, Estrella

Even the teachers were working

Bob, Mike and George finally began to feel like they were making some progress on the cover for the water garden after having to buy some heavier duty chain to work with. They were extremely tired for Valentine's dinner after a long hard day of work in the hot sun. There was another group of volunteers here hauling sand from one end of the property to the other. They were young people from the YWAM organization. they found a large lizard while digging and drew a crowd of kids to check it out.

A little rest for the weary

Michael and Jason goofing off

George taking an agua break

Wishful  thinking for Bob

Lizards draw kids

Y-WAM workers hauling sand

Kids try to help?

Today's venture into San Mateo included Dr. Jim, Kristen, Sandra and Anna. They again were doing rechecks and seeing new people as they passed through the community. The afternoon brought Kristen, Joyce, Clara and Ginny trying to finish up heights and weights, vision checks and physicals on kids who had been out earlier in the week. Scott and Kathy were working on the blog and helping out where they could and Sandra was finishing the work on her photography class.

Joyce prepares for exams

Kristen asks Scott for help doing heights and weights

Joyce saying , "take a deep breath"

Beth checks blood sugars and blood pressures for the kitchen staff

Kristen and Beth doing data entry
Sandra finishes her photography project

Kathy and Scott, the bloggers for the last few days

Last night we split up for dinner celebrating Valentine's Day. San Pedro was very festive for the occasion!

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